Types of Rose Wine

The secret of Rose Champagne – The difference between Rose Wine and Red wine is the difference of the amount of time that the wine has stayed in contact with grape skins. For most roses, it is a couple of hours to couple of days and the result is a light colored, lighter wine of pink and light orange color to darker, fuller pinks and salmon.

Fuschia and bright orange color is mostly signs of cheap wine and browning is a big NO for gifting.

There is another easy way to make rose wine. It is by bleeding and it produces the blush wines of California. This involves making a white wine and then bleeding juice off the top of the red wine. This condenses the red and causes the white to blush. These are sweeter and less dry.

The grapes most likely used in making a rose are:

Grenache : in the case of rose typically smells of berries, strawberry and blackberry are common.
Pinot Noir : typically has a scent of strawberry and cherry.
Gamay : A pleasant grape that is good as a rose or a red. I have had it as a rose or as a red in Beaujolais. It has a fruity flavor, berries are definitely present, as are vanilla and sometimes oak. The other fruits are debatable and dependent on the producer. Truth be told that is the case with any wine.
Cabernet Franc : smells of berries, and green bell pepper. Just like any good red would.

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