Safe Drinking

Drunk Driving

Every year, we hear hundreds of thousands of people are killed as a result of drunk driving and hundreds more are consequently affected. Drunk driving is preventable offense, however once a person has taken alcohol into the body, the intoxicating effects stops reflexes, impairs judgment and our decision-making skills. Legally any person under the impact of liquor, driving or trying to drive an automobile discovered to have a liquor stage going above 30 mg per 100 ml of system recognized by an analyzer can be penalized.

Will be for very 1st offence and jail term would be of 6 months or a fine of Rs.3000. The criminal offence that has been done within three years of previous offence, and its jail tenure will be increased to 2 decades or a fine of up to Rs.3,000/- or both.

A persons liquor stage can be analyzed using a breathalyzer test, which analyzes a person’s alcohol content, or by the use of standardized motor skills tests such as walking a straight line or touching one’s fingertip to the nose.

Aside from the legal consequences, drunk driving can also have severe mental, emotional and physical consequences if any type of accidents occurs. Alcohol-related deaths top the cause of death chart for the young adult bracket, ages 18-30, and alcohol is considered one of the main factors in car accident injuries.
While a person’s level of intoxication is dependent on a number of things, being safe, smart and aware are all extremely important when drinking. In more urban areas ‘Take a Cab’ have been started to ensure that bar hoppers and club-goers do not drink and drive. These safe driving initiatives started by all Cab Companies offer transportation to people who are too intoxicated to drive themselves or their friends safely home.

Advertising campaigns sponsored by government organizations urge people to be careful about whether or not to drive after they drive. In addition, many city police departments have set up ‘checkpoints’ at which people are randomly tested for alcohol. These types of activities have helped decrease the number of drunk drivers on the roads; however, drunk driving is still a problem.

By understanding the dangers of drunk driving and sharing them with friends and loved ones, it could make the difference between life and death. People who get in the car drunk do not intend to injure themselves or anyone else, but their choice to drink and drive has already placed them in a dangerous game of roulette.

Drunk driving can be prevented. We at are a part of this initiative and promote Safe Drinking to all our readers.

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